Westchester attorney thinks NYC schools are failing students!

First, there was the big controversy from parents objecting to their children saying the “Pledge of Allegiance” because of the sentence “one nation under God.”  Now comes word that at least half of the schools in New York City are omitting the Pledge altogether.  Really, Really?  Some who object to the Pledge say it places immigrant students in an uncomfortable situation because they are listening to the oath to honor a nation which is not their homeland.

OK, I’m sorry but when does the crazy train stop in this country.  A public school education is free in this country, paid for on the backs of working people who work hard and pay taxes to THIS country.  Presumably, many of these immigrant students were brought here for a better education and now get a free education in THIS country while their parents don’t work and don’t pay taxes.

Image: Michael Elliott/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I applaud the Brooklyn father, a firefighter hero, who called his daughter’s school to task because she had never heard the morning Pledge and only first learned of it while watching TV.  Trust me, this story isn’t over yet since another father called the recitation of the Pledge “social coercion,” according to the NY Daily News.  Well, you know what, if he doesn’t like this tradition of respect then let him place his child in a “less traditional” environment, one where he might have to pay for education.

Free education……..free government assistance……….and they’re going to feel uncomfortable to pledge allegiance to the nation giving them a free ride to a better life.   It seems like the crazy train gave way to the insane rocket a long time ago!  Wake up America!