Westchester Attorney notes New York may not give credit where it’s due in divorce judgments

I recently posted about the importance of pre-nups and many, many of my friends who are walking down the aisle this year have poo-pooed the notion or just ignored it completely.  However, a recent decision by New York’s high court, the Court of Appeals, highlights the need for the all-important prenuptial agreement, especially in cases of second marriages.

In the case of  Mahoney-Buntzman v. Buntzman, the high court determined that the wife, who helped her husband pay maintenance to the first wife and who also helped him pay for a graduate degree, is not entitled to recoup 50% of either.  So, there ya go, being in the know will prevent you from losing your dough.

Westchester attorney doesn’t understand American fascination with the sex, lies and baci trial of Amanda Knox

Ok, I must admit, the journalist in me craves headlines; it comes from years of network experience. I know that if this weekend’s post is about Foxy Knoxy that I will draw readers. Afterall, that’s what brought you to this site, right? The Italian murder trial of Amanda Knox has it all sex, lies, drugs and baci. Miss Knox, known as “Foxy Knoxy” on her Facebook page, and her ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, are accused of murdering Meredith Kercher, after she refused to participate in a drug-fueled sex game. Yet, if this was an American student on trial in Seattle for the murder of her roommate, we all know it would not play out in headlines around the globe. So, why do we care?

Again, the trial met for one day to hear gruesome crime scene evidence and now won’t reconvene for nearly two weeks. It’s amazing to me that the Italian judiciary ever gets anything done in an unbiased manner. That being said, despite all of the reports of prosecutorial misconduct, I am having big doubts in the veracity of Amanda Knox’s proclaimed innocence in the murder of Meredith Kercher and look forward to her testimony.

So, let’s ignore the psycho grimaces she seems to exhibit at the most inopportune times of the proceedings. Unless we have been charged with murder and face a life sentence, we cannot imagine what is going through her head, psycho smile or not. But let’s look at her behavior over the course of the past 17 months, along with the changing stories, timelines and allegedly forced confession.

Murder victim Meredith Kercher, Raffaele Sollecito, Amanda Knox

Murder victim Meredith Kercher, Raffaele Sollecito, Amanda Knox

  • She claims she went home and saw Meredith’s door closed and figured she was sleeping. I guess the blood droplets in the bathroom seemed normal to her.
  • She then goes to her honey’s house, Raffaele Sollecito, and tells him that something’s wrong and she’s worried. Now, wouldn’t a normal person have knocked on the door and upon receiving no answer then opened it? I’m just saying!
  • Crime scene investigators say there was only one fingerprint in the whole house belonging to Amanda. Hmmmmmm. Did she live there with gloves on? My young cousins visit for only a day and I’m cleaning fingerprints off of every imaginable surface, even weeks after their visit.

    I realize the prosecutor’s case may be circumstanial but people have been convicted on less than what appears to be here. Amanda’s father, Curt Knox, told NBC Today that his daughter is anxious to testify. I wish they would televise that here in its entirety because I suspect the cross-examination will be quite revealing.

    What do you think? What do you care? I’d really love to hear about the American fascination with this case.

  • Westchester attorney says get Roxana home now!

    American journalist Roxana Saberi sits in an Iranian jail, the focal point of a diplomatic shell game between the United States and Iran. CNN reports the head of Iran’s judiciary has ordered a “careful and speedy appeal process” for Saberi,

    Former beauty queen, a spy.  Really?

    Former beauty queen, a spy. Really?

    who was convicted of spying for the United States.

    Saberi’s biggest mistake was allowing her journalist credentials to expire and staying behind to continue reporting. As anyone who’s ever been a journalist knows – that’s called dedication – it’s an adrenalin rush unlike any other – the ability to expose and uncover a nation’s dark secrets to the world. In this country we praise such journalism. In Iran, they jail you.

    Both the Committee to Protect Journalists and Asian American Journalists Association have worked tirelessly to bring Roxana’s plight to the forefront of global news desks. Maybe the Obama administration needs to get an army of journalists together.

    Now, Ms. Saberi faces eight years behind bars and has 20 days to appeal….or she may still be pardoned in a diplomatic move. She’s a bargaining chip for the Obama administration, no matter how you slice it. However, if you listen to Obama’s comments on her conviction, you don’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling. He looks like he’s still playing “catch up”

    Weigh in below – should the U.S. intervene to win release for Saberi?