Westchester attorney warning social surfers to protect against Granny Scam

Several months ago this Westchester attorney advised my social networking friends, readers and assorted other surfers against revealing too much about your personal lives and relationships on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and the like.  Many of you reading this think it’s great to tell the world about your cousin’s reunion or post photos of your baby’s Christening but I am telling you again that this is a HUGE mistake and now well-meaning grandparents are paying the price.  The Better Business Bureau says scammers are culling info from these “social networking” sites and preying upon Granny and Gramps to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

The way the scam works is that the thieves troll cyberspace……they find the names of a web of relatives and then call Granny and Gramps posing as their loving grandchildren in need of money.  Unsuspecting grandparents in 19 states and Canada have fallen victim so far.  Don’t become another sad statistic.

PLEASE LISTEN TO ME THIS TIME.  Delete your birthday and family info from your profiles.  Ignore all of those family linking applications which create your family tree for your profile.  Don’t you think your grandparents and Cousin Mary already know they’re related to you?  Do you really need to tell everyone on Facespace or Mybook that your related to these people?  Why not give the scammers and the identity thieves a roadmap to your house with the  password to your bank accounts?  You’ve given them everything else except your social security number………….oh no, don’t tell me, you’ve profiled that as well!!!

Use social networks for promoting businesses or reconnecting with old business acquaintances and friends and leave the personal data for those closest to you IRL (in real life).  Get the picture?