In the news . . .

Sorry I’ve been an absentee blogger of late. I’ve been busy selling and promoting my 1st book, “Amalfi Blue, lost & found in the south of Italy,” and I can happily report that this morning it hit Top 20 on Kindle Books on Italy and Top 100 on real books on Italy on Amazon.

Now, I have five minutes to get back to some morning headlines.  So, we have mantears, fake girlfriends and expensive parties in the headlines.  Hmm, what shall we tackle first when they are all bloody ridiculous.

1. Mantears – Has anyone tested those tears from Lance Armstrong for doping? The big dope.  Enough said. Why do we still have him in the spotlight?

2.  Fake Girlfriends – Wake up people. I know we live in a digital age but didn’t this world think there was something wrong with a star football player who need a digitial “girlfriend.”  Footballers get cheerleaders NOT cyber chicks!  And who calls someone they’ve never met the love of their life?  Really, we are in trouble.

3.  Inaugural Shindig – Let me preface this by saying it is NOT an anti-Obama statement.  However, with the mess this economy is STILL in, anyone entering their 2nd term who hasn’t cleaned it up yet should save tax dollars and lobbyist bucks on the big parties. Whatever happened to celebrating with your family and the Cabinet (the new one) in the residence?

My two cents – now continue with your programming day.