Vox Populi for Trump

I have stayed out of the political fray way too long with great difficulty. As an Italian-American, I can be loud and opiniated; as a Democrat, I can be a fierce liberal; and as a recovering network journalist, I can often be accused of driving the story.


Early on, months ago, I said Hillary was not giving Trump credit for his appeal to middle America and she needed to address that. The media and the Democrats, driven by the well educated and one-percenters, tried to drive this campaign season along racial and sexual bias lines. Yet, the voice of the people has proven them wrong.

President-elect Donald Trump, who is one of the one-percenters, realized that the vast majority of Americans are hurting, longing, desperate, to keep their heads above water at a time when the rest of the world keeps trying to push us under.  It’s a reality for anyone who ventures beyond our borders or just a drive down any local Main Street.

Black, white, male, female, Latino, Asian small business owners are disappearing. They’ve been suffocated by high taxes, unfunded government mandates and the obscenely rising cost of health care and the abomination of Obama Care. That’s Obama’s legacy? A nice man who pulled the lifeline on this nation’s health care system? God, help us.

“Give Trump a Chance” should be our new motto. He’s not an ignorant man.  We should trust that he will surround himself with intelligent people.

The founding fathers of this country set up a republic with a democratic form of government and not a dictatorship. The screaming one-percenters and the well-educated people who are convulsing and threatening to leave the country this morning should take one small step outside this country and realize just what they have at home.

God bless America and we should all have just a thimble full of faith.

My only regret is that after nearly 250 years, the first woman was just not the right woman, right now.