Slammed by Sandy

My heart goes out to the people of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey who were Slammed by Hurricane Sandy.  It is devastation that makes the east coast U.S. look like a scene from “The Day After.”

My beloved Long Beach Island has been re-charted; its topography changed forever; and I still don’t know the condition of the house I’ve rented for 20+ years.

Yes, this is the United States and we have come to rely on the “conveniences” of modern life in a digital age.  However, as a native New Yorker I can attest to the fact that we often take our lives for granted and never thought it could happen in our own backyard.  Well, it did; it has; and it won’t be fixed overnight.

Are our memories so short-lived that we have forgotten the long road back from Katrina?  True, we have a different President now and our Governors Cuomo and Christie have been displaying stellar leadership in Sandy’s wake but they cannot wave a magic wand and make things all better.  Let’s stop the whining and dig in the way native New Yorkers and New Jerseyeans can and suck it up. Let’s help each other instead of saying why can’t “they” get my power back.  “They” are trying.  Just breathe, it will be better in the end and if it’s not better yet, then it’s not the end.

In the meantime, please keep tuned to this blog and my travel site at Wanderlust Women Travel.  I am working on a Valentine’s fundraiser for the Victims of Sandy. It’ll be a Girl’s Night Out Bachelor Auction.  Giddy up, boys, who’s up for some fun?