America needs to reach for the stars again!

We lost a space age hero today. Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, passed away and so did what was left of that great American spirit.

I grew up in a country which believed the impossible was possible.  I grew up in a country where generations, across the board, wanted to reach for the stars together.  I now live in a country where it is every man for himself and wonder what happened to that American spirit.

Man on the Moon

As a young girl, I stayed up till the wee hours to watch Armstrong step from the LEM and make history.  This young girl was encouraged to follow her dream of being an astro-physicist, as well as a journalist.  I thought I could do anything and believed the stars were within reach, thanks to heroes like Neil Armstrong and Walter Cronkite.  Now, they are both gone and so is the American dream.

However, I truly believe it is not dead, rather it is lying in a deep slumber, waiting for a generation to hold a dream in its heart and shoot it to the moon.  We can do this America, we just have to believe.