Westchester attorney on the power of prayer

It is in these tough times that everyone, believer and agnostic alike, turns to prayer.  I won’t claim to be an expert.  Even 14 years of Catholic school won’t get me that crown.  Yet, I think, as a journalist, I am a keen observer of human nature and I think it’s actually funny how those who don’t pray on a regular basis begin to make deals with God in tough times.

I am a true believer in the power of prayer.  I have seen it work miracles in my own life several times over.  Today, social media has turned the world on its head and people no longer socially interact with each other – they type and hope for the best.  There are many online prayer circles with the calls of those in pain asking for help from other cyber-faithful and God.  Some of these prayer requests are heart-wrenching and genuine, while others are gibberish and pulpit-pounding insanity.

There are prayer requests from those who truly believe and that is evident in their phrasing.  Then there are those who have not looked to God in a long time or have looked to God in vain.

There is no wrong way to ask for help.  There is no wrong way to pray………as long as you believe and don’t make deals with God.  He is not looking for you to trade him something.  He has all he needs without your desperate offerings.  Ask and pray that he guide you to the best solution and have faith in the outcome.

By the way, Satan doesn’t play a role in prayer.  Telling God you renounce Satan harkens back to the ancients who believed evil can possess a soul, such as those who killed women at the Salem Witch Trials.  What a lot of nonsense. If you are praying for relationship resolutions, Satan does not live where love is present.  Think of how that very concept is contradictory to the essence of true love.  You cannot have faith and then doubt it because a roadblock has been placed in your path.  True faith believes there is a solution to getting around that obstacle and coming out stronger for the experience.  No deals are necessary when the will to persevere is present.