There’s static on the line!

The economic reality of the 21st century has yet to get through to some people.  Just this week Verizon installers and repairmen went out on strike on the east coast; the stock market dropped nearly a thousand points in one week; they’re rioting in the streets of London just to loot (although they are pointing to a police shooting); and Europeans are bitchin’ because they have to work beyond the age of 60.  Really, get a grip people!

This is a new master plan and entitlement is no longer part of the big picture.  OK, maybe we, the global middle class, did not cause this financial mess, but we sure as hell need to realize that the idiots in charge can’t fix this without our help.

Image: Pixomar

That means everyone needs to pitch in and suck up to the fact that we need to work till we’re in our 70s.  This ain’t our grandparents’ golden retirement anymore.  Besides, with plastic replacement parts and good drugs we’ll mostly be around till we’re 100 years old and even Roosevelt’s New Deal didn’t count on that kind of longevity.

I used to be a proud card-carrying member of three labor unions but now it’s just two and I can’t really say I’m a “proud card-carrying member.”  One union clearly sold out east coast newswriters in favor of west coast screen writers and we’re still paying the price.  Over $10,000 in employer pension contributions just for me and I won’t collect a dime because I didn’t do the time.  Where does that money go?  Health benefits? That’s a joke.  Freelance newswriters don’t even qualify if they don’t earn enough income and since management carefully doles out shifts to a host of freelancers, many of them don’t meet the criteria.

So, listen up you folks who barely show up when we report static on the line, get in line with the rest of us who lost benefits a long time ago.  You are not entitled to anything – not in this new world order.  You need to contribute more, just as the rest of us do, especially (and I can’t emphasize this one enough), especially as much as self-employed individuals ante up!  Nothing is guaranteed any longer.  You should’ve smelled the coffee when Ma Bell took a nose dive off the golden corporate plateau!  Thanks, anti-trust suit.  It’s no longer strength in numbers but every man and woman for himself!