An Open Letter to Dead Stoner Rock Stars

Hey there, wherever you are, up or down, LOL

Aren’t you tired of your post mortem deification? I sure am.

You lived fast and hard.

You had more perks than any one person had a right to enjoy – the private jets, the free hotels, the dinners with no checks with free-flowing champagne………oh, and the coke and the smack as well!

I was there with you. I watched as you put that spoon up your nose. You looked to me to smack it out of your hand. That was not my job.

I was there with you as pot was passed around the tour bus but I chose to ride up front where I could breathe some air through the open window.

I was there with you as magnums of Dom and Cristal were delivered to our doorstep. You drank it while I washed my hair with it.

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Life is about choices and you chose to throw away the privileges given to you because of your talent. I chose to walk away from you before your illness made me terminal.

You’re gone and they say you are tragically missed. Why? I am still here and I think it’s a miracle that I survived. Now, who should be deified?

You still have my love but the memory of who you were died before your body left the earth plain.


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