Westchester attorney says when it’s October – ya just gotta believe!

Sorry that I’ve been away – launching new business and litigation deadlines.  Still in a flurry but there is too much anxiety on the horizon tonight.  All around me, I am hearing Yankee fans today worrying about the playoffs.  Buck up, folks.  This is October.  How many times have we been down this road?  May I remind you that we’ve won the American league pennant 40 times and the World Series 27 times?  We are the most storied team in baseball and dare I say, the most storied sports team in the world.

Photo: Anthony J. Causi/Icon SMI / courtesy Sports Illustrated

Now, I realize that I am using the “collective we” here because as anyone from the Bronx knows – WE ARE THE YANKEES, each and every one of us.  I have probably not picked up a glove since jr. h.s., nor a bat since high school, but I am a Yankee as much as I am a proud Italian-American.

This won’t be easy.  Tampa has been a great, scrappy team all year and Minnesota is playing good ball.  Grabbing the American League flag won’t be a walk in the park, pardon the pun.  Yet, may I remind you that we have A-Rod, Swisher, my boy Jeter…….and lest we forget Cano, who’s batting .320 with 104 RBIs.  It’s October.  We rule this month and don’t you forget it.  Ya just gotta believe and put it out into the ethers tonight.


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  1. Due to my sister’s job, I support the A’s 😉 Next time they meet, I’ll have to contact you for a friendly challenge. Good to see you in type again!

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