Just call me old-fashioned!

Who woulda thunk it – me, old-fashioned?  Certainly, not anyone I know……or who knows me!  I have been called a liberal by my Republican and conservative “friends” (yes, I have a few).  I have been called one of those “media types” by people who don’t like my views of the mosque controversy.  Yet, no one on this planet has ever called me old-fashioned but it turns out that I am.

A new percolator brings old-fashioned smiles!

This week, my Mom’s coffee pot died.  That’s the pot she’s perked a fresh pot in every morning for decades.  That’s the pot she’s used to make the perfect brew when it snowed outside or when we cried together…..or when she had friends over for laughs.  So, this week, she asked me to go find her another one.  Now, have you stopped to notice that I said she perked coffee?  That’s the key here.  It seems percolators have become “vintage” so they can now charge $40 for an 8 cup percolator.  Hell, we are not fermenting Dom Perignon.  We are making a fresh pot of java.  Anyway, I had to hunt down an old-fashioned, stove-top “percolator” for Mom in cyberspace, which is anything but “vintage.”  I bought her a shiny, stainless steel one, meant for campers.  Grabbed one for myself too because you never know when I might need one……….I figure it’ll be a good investment because it’s “vintage” and it will soon be an antique for this old-fashioned girl.

By the way, Harper-Collins says Laura Lippman’s new thriller, “I’d Know You Anywhere,” sold 20% more e-books in its first week than the old-fashioned hard cover books.  Now, I’m really in trouble because I don’t kindle well to reading from a screen and still enjoy turning the page with a good cup o’ Joe………but I guess we’ve now turned a new chapter and soon we will all drip and flip!