Westchester lawyer says you can’t be a twit about tweets!

Like it or not, social networking is here to stay…………at least till the next best thing comes along.  Small businesses, big corporations, can no longer avoid using Facebook and Twitter to stay connected to the street.  These platforms are not just for kids and the lovelorn any longer.  Even attorneys need to take the big plunge, if they haven’t done so already.  True, most of a law firm’s clients come through referrals, but in this down economy you should be asking yourself  if you can afford to turn away any business opportunity right now.

So, what should you keep in mind when jumping off the social network diving board?  Here are the Top 5 tips in the humble opinion of this Westchester lawyer:

1.  Make a commitment and stick to it.  There is nothing worse than clicking on a Facebook, Twitter or Linked In profile page which has not been updated in a month, three months, or even a year.

2.  Have a game plan.  Set forth your “networking” plan based on what you are trying to sell.  Do not post a profile and hope that someone will be attracted to your name and address, no matter how prime the location.

3.  Have something to say and say it often.  Offer bits of advice or tips or strategies that promote your business and/or benefit your target demographic.

4.  Learn the platform’s etiquette.  If a fellow tweep (that’s a follower for those on Twitter) is nice enough to re-tweet something that you have posted, be kind enough to thank them and also look to re-tweet something of interest which they post as well.  One hand washes the other.

5.  Build a loyal and targeted following.  Porn-bots and spam-bots will automatically target you and want to follow you.  It might be attractive to get your numbers up quickly but these are not the type of followers for most demographic groups – unless you’re selling performance enhancing drugs or toys of another sort!

It’s time – get off your perch and start tweeting!


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