Westchester attorney advises brides on wedding cancellations of volcanic proportions

It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature and we are learning about that the hard way this week as the volcanic eruptions in Iceland have made air travel come to a full stop.  The media has been all over this story about the woes of weary travelers and delays in vital deliveries, such as donor organs, and even mail.  Yet, no one has explored what happens to the brides who have planned their spring destination wedding in Italy, France or the English countryside.

Plan for the extraordinary with a destination wedding

Sadly, brides who booked this destination event of a lifetime months, or even years ago, probably never thought about what would happen in the event of an act of God.  However, a little foresight when planning such a costly affair could have saved them thousands of dollars and many, many tears.

Today, you can insure anything and in order to protect your investment, you should consider “event cancellation insurance” for your destination wedding.  The policy is sometimes called “business interruption coverage” and covers you for unforeseen events such as volcanic clouds or hurricanes….and almost anything in between.

Whether brides should budget for cancellation insurance depends upon how important and expensive the destination wedding is to the couple.  If you are inviting 100 guests to come to your Amalfi coast wedding and spending $25,000 on the affair, it would seem logical that the small cost of event cancellation coverage should figure into the equation.  Such policies typically average about $10 per $1,000 of coverage but vary depending on location, season and items of inclusion.   However, $250  to cover your $25,000 wedding seems like a small price to pay.