Westchester attorney thinks health care reform will be the death of this country

What the hell happened in Washington last night?  I for one don’t understand it……..then again, maybe I do.  You see, Congress came up with a plan that they don’t really have to worry about because they are insulated from this nonsense under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. So they decided to become brain surgeons without the benefit of an education and placed a band-aid on the tumor we call health care.

Oh, they think it offers up all sorts of bells and whistles:  everyone will have coverage; no one will be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition;  16,000,000 people will be added to the Medicaid rolls; and  the plan will penalize Americans who don’t buy coverage (I thought this was a free country???)  Well, all of the bells and whistles come with a pricetag and the Obama Administration has come up with new taxes to pay for that.  Now the average Joe, who cannot afford health care, will be penalized if he doesn’t get it and taxed to pay for it.  Sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it?

Congress would like you to think this legislation is the best thing since sliced bread…..actually they have said it’s as historic as the establishment of Social Security.  Well, now isn’t that a wonderful analogy because we see how successful that has been in 70 years?  SSA is nearly bankrupt and Americans will be bankrupt by bankrolling this new health care system.

Americans need health care assistance, STAT!

This Westchester attorney has seen the cost of her health care insurance rise by 40% over the past two years and now carries a $6,000 deductible.  I basically have catastrophic coverage and nothing more.  So, I can’t afford to get sick.  Thank god, I have strong Sicilian DNA!  However, it is no joke……..we will now experience what the Europeans have for years under nationalized health care where they wait and wait for non-emergency, yet medically necessary procedures.  And I am not talking about waiting for 12 hours in an Emergency Room; no, they wait for years on some arbitrary list for many medical procedures to take place.

This country is in a downward spiral unlike any in recent memory.  I can’t wait to see what Congress does with the estate tax which expired as of January 1st.  They need more money and will probably lower the estate tax exemption amount to $650,0oo again so that more of middle American has to pay for what they cannot afford.  Hey, that’ll be OK because no one will have an estate worth leaving to anyone at this rate.

I used to think I was a die-hard Democrat and now I am sounding more and more Republican.  Actually, I am more of an independent and this Westchester attorney independently thinks this so-called health care reform will be the death of us yet!