Westchester attorney wonders if Cuomo should be investigating the NY Governor’s seat

It’s no secret that David Patterson was not well-equipped to be New York’s governor.  Let’s face it, much of his political success was built on the coattails of his father, the well-respected Basil Paterson.  True, there are Paterson supporters who will say he finally made his own way as Senate Minority Leader and I am not here to debate the merits or failings of his career milestones.  However, he’s no saint and his appointment as New York’s 55th Governor, following the resignation of Eliot Spitzer amid a prostitution scandal, cast a really bright spotlight on him.  Paterson admitted the drug use and extra-marital affairs.  I am not playing judge or jury on his morality but it was clear to everyone except Mr. Paterson that he was in way over his head from day one.

This Westchester attorney’s complaint has to do with the fact that the man who is likely to be the Democratic nominee for the Governor’s race in NY, current state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, is the one leading the investigating into Paterson’s alleged wrongdoing.  This is just wrong on so many levels and I cannot believe that the Cuomo camp can’t see that, especially when Cuomo has made a name for himself probing corruption from Main Street to Wall Street.

First, for complete transparency, I am a huge supporter of Cuomo’s.  I urged him to run for Governor way back when I was a reporter and he was Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Clinton.  He laughed off the suggestion then but I knew that was percolating in his mind.  Cuomo, himself, just needed to straighten out his personal affairs before he could get back on the political track and cutting the Kennedy chord was the perfect move.

But, I digress.  Let’s get back to Cuomo investigating Paterson, the man who’s office he wants to grab in the next election.  Cuomo’s office is looking into whether Paterson’s administration intervened in a domestic violence case involving a close aide. That just smells bad and not just stinky gym locker bad, but foul, day-old fish in the gutter bad.  Who’s advising you, Andrew?  Surely your Dad, as savvy as he is at running campaigns, must’ve told you that you can’t offer an unbiased opinion when your slant is clearly pointing you toward the Governor’s Mansion.

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the man who would be Governor?

Andrew, please consider this.  You are in the driver’s seat here, this time.  It’s not like 2002.  Don’t blow this campaign again before it gets off the ground.  Please step aside.  If the legislature deems it warranted to continue investigating Paterson, let them appoint a special prosecutor.  Do not let your record be clouded by smelly fish.  How can New Yorkers take you seriously as someone to end political and government corruption when the dead fish stench is growing daily before you even officially announce your candidacy?