Westchester attorney on why the Yankees can’t lose Derek Jeter

OK, so this article has nothing to do with the law or the media but indulge me a little because this Westchester attorney is a rabid Yankee fan and I want the Steinbrenners to listen up! Your captain, our captain, DJ (a/k/a – Derek Jeter) is in his last year at bat, so to speak. He showed up today for spring training, beaming with Yankee pride, as he has done for 15 prior years. And as expected, he exhibited his usual finesse, grace and gentleman-like sportsmanship by telling the press today that he’s focusing on baseball and not contracts.

Well, that’s what lawyers are for and I’m telling you, Mr. Steinbrenner, it would be a sad day for the Yankees if you don’t step up to the plate and re-sign the Captain for an airtight contract that keeps him a Yankee for the rest of his career. He’s been on our world championship team for 5 of his 14 Yankee seasons and a league championship for 7 of them. Jetes is the only player to win both the All-Star Game MVP Award and the World Series MVP Award in the same year and he’s been selected as an All-Star ten times. That’s not counting his Silver Slugger and Gold Glove awards. Now, I’m not saying that Jeter is a one-man Yankee band but he is the spirit of a team who has taken a bruisin’ recently. No matter what, he keeps his eye on the ball. (Sorry for all the baseball metaphors but if I can’t use them here than where else can I?) He’s nearing the 3,000 hit mark and he should do it in the city which has been home and supported him for his entire career. If you let this one slip away next fall, I would hate to think what might happen but the Sox waited 86 years after letting the Bambino go. I’m just saying!

Jeter holds Minor League Player of Year award in old Yankee Stadium - 1994 Photo: Harbus for NY Daily News

OK, so he took the Joe DiMaggio sign from the old stadium locker room, but could you blame him?  That sign probably meant more to him than any other revolving teammate.  “I want to thank the Good Lord for making me a Yankee” is his motto!  Think of it as a down payment on his next contract.

So, as Derek begins swinging today and focuses on the ball, please focus on the budget and make sure there’s enough dough to give this man whatever he wants. If the front office is having a tough time in the negotiations, call me.  This Westchester lawyer is available and I’ll get you a great deal!

2009 was the latest in a long line of Jeter/Yankee achievements, Photo: Sipkin/ NY Daily News