Westchester attorney remembers Roy Disney

Roy Disney and Lady Litigator

Sometimes you have to take a break from the business of life and remember the good people who have crossed your path. Roy Disney was one of those people. The nephew of legendary imagineer Walt Disney died today in California at the age of 79 after battling stomach cancer.

AP file photo: Roy Disney

To meet Roy was a wonderful experience. In all my years as a journalist, interviewing heads of state and rock stars, there was no celebrity I looked forward to seeing again and again as much as Roy. He brought out the child in me. Maybe it was because he was the spitting image of his Uncle Walt, but more likely because he had that feel-good Disney persona. He oozed it. Roy Disney was gracious and charming and so unpretentious in a world of Katzenbergs and Eisners. He was the real deal and was just as excited about revamping “Fantasia” in the 1990s as his Uncle Walt was about creating it 50 years earlier.

I could sit here and write a long obituary about Roy’s accomplishments.  I could but I won’t.  You can link above for that newsflash.  What I would rather do is remember a man who was as gracious and kind to this reporter each time he met her, not caring whether her showed aired on a small cable channel or one of the Big Three Networks.  That was Roy; rest in peace.


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