Westchester attorney says the political pendulum is swinging in a new world order for Americans

I’ve struggled now for more than a week, searching for a topic to blog about.  It’s not like blogging is de rigueur for a busy lawyer but in these times, every little bit of marketing helps.  I found my inspiration this morning in the day after the night before.  Republicans see the nation’s shift to the right as a coup, while the Democrats see it as a slight bump in the road and still fixable before the next big election in three years.  I see it as a nation in crisis.

The political pendulum is shifting wildly in these turbulent times, enough to swing itself right off its axis.  This nation was swept up in Obama mania because he was the anti-Bush.  Now, when we’re all facing higher taxes and even higher health insurance premiums, the GOP victories last night signaled the honeymoon is over and the bridal blush has been replaced by the five o’clock shadow of a nation in despair.  Of course, Obama is not to blame for our economic and political mess but he sure as hell is not doing enough to fix it.  You cannot tighten the nuts and bolts of a sphere already off its axis.

This is the creation of a new world order, my friends, but most Americans still don’t see that.  The people who do get it, the ones who really understand how bad this is – well, they’re the ones in middle America.  They are the people who must shoulder an undue burden of this health care reform.  They are the sole proprietors, the small business owners, the people who don’t get a salary but who work for themselves – these are the people who have nowhere to turn.  There are no unemployment benefits for them.  Hell, they don’t even qualify for assistance with health insurance simply because they do work for themselves.    So when those people who are getting government checks stop bringing deals to the small business owners, they just die.  Middle America needs a bailout plan.  Where can I sign up?

Terrorism didn’t destroy us on 911 but annihilated our vibrant economy which was the very lifeblood of this country.  Yes, there was greed on Wall Street but middle America benefited from that, or have you forgotten the golden days of large nest eggs?   Sure this greed also led to deceptive mortgage practices and we are paying the price BIG TIME.  So instead of sending the thieves to jail, they are now punishing all of us by refusing to grant mortgages to solid citizens offering 30% down payments.  Oh, lest we also forget the war – it was the GOP which led that battle cry.  “Let’s spend billions of dollars, lose thousands of American lives, all to find one man.” By the way, they still haven’t found him.

It is America which is lost, my friends, in so many ways.  The answers do not lie in Washington with the Republicans or the Democrats.  The answers will only come from people who stop being pulled to the left or the right each time there’s an election but who stand firm in the middle and say loud and proud “We’re not going to take it anymore.” We can no longer rely on anyone but ourselves to reinvent the American dream or we risk losing it all in the nightmare of politics.