Westchester attorney on spooktacular anti-Halloween laws around the US

Many people think Halloween is just for kids but that’s just the sentiment of adults without a sense of wonder.  And it must be some of these same adults, as legislators, who have taken the fun and the silliness right out of this holiday by enacting some rather bizarre and arcane laws against it.

In Arizona, for instance, wearing a red mask while committing a misdemeanor automatically ups the ante to a felony.  Does that mean “the devil made me do it” won’t work as a defense?

In Alabama, you can’t wear a mask in public.  It’s not allowed.  So, will 5 year old Adam be subject to arrest by donning a Spiderman mask this year?  Can he share a cell with his intellectual Dad who decided to wear an Obama mask?

In Louisiana, they love their gators because it’s illegal to wear an alligator costume.  I can’t say that I’ve ever had anyone ring my bell in one of those.

In Washington State, lollipops are outlawed.  Well, good thing I bought pretzel snacks to hand out to trick-or-treaters.

But the state that takes the cake on the ridiculous is Massachusetts.  Witches and Quakers are not allowed in that state.  So what do the witches of Salem do?   This is their month to fly, so to speak.  Afterall, the official website of Salem city government proudly posts a witch on its homepage.  It’s been known as the “Witch City” for more than 300 years and the Salem Police Department sports a witch as its logo.

As for me, Halloween was the day I became a member of the bar, as in law and not as in alcohol.  So, I think it’s a perfectly Boo-tiful day!