Unfair Campaign Findings in Westchester DA Race

The Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee (FCPC) has determined that DA incumbent candidate Janet DiFiore is misleading the public on just which police departments have endorsed her candidacy.  Just this week I commented about this very thing and was chastised as being biased.  While it is true that Ms. DiFiore has the support of the Affiliated Police Association of Westchester, she does not have the support of each and every member police force of that Association; however, her website and her statements to the press, made it appear as though each organization has endorsed her individually because she listed each police department under the APA’s umbrella.  However, as of today, she has changed her website and no longer lists the 53 members police departments as supporting her – it’s about time!

Republican candidate for DA, Dan Schorr, has the support of both the PBA of Westchester and the Westchester County PBA.  He had filed a complaint with the FCPC charging that DiFiore was misleading the public by stating she had widespread support from dozens of local police departments.  In its decision today, the FCPC “finds the material from Ms. DiFiore’s campaign misleading. Ms. DiFiore has been endorsed by the APA, and her material does accurately list the police organization under the APA umbrella.  However, listing all of the PBAs gives the impression to the reader/viewer that all support her, when indeed not all of them do.”  If you look at the website now, you will see, the incumbent DA just has the support of only 6 of nearly four dozen local police agencies in Westchester.

The FCPC was formed by the League of Women Voters of Westchester in 1991 to to promote a climate in which candidates conduct honest and fair campaigns and not to use campaign materials that distort the facts.  Candidates should strive to be honest or how can they expect to win the public’s respect……and more importantly, their vote.? This journalist has been a lifelong Democrat.  All I ask is honesty from the people who represent me; then again, I still believe in fairytales too!


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