Westchester attorney amazed by the low blow nature of highbrow politics in the County DA race

As a broadcast journalist for many years whose beat was Westchester, I reported with an objective eye coupled with impeccable research and fact-checking.  Those latter skills have served me well, as an attorney here in the same County.  Now, however, I have been called upon to get back into the political fray as a commentator and what I witnessed last night at the Democratic primary debate for District Attorney appalled me, both as a journalist and as an attorney.  I don’t have to be objective any longer; I don’t have an editor, a producer or a News Director – this is the fun part.

Incumbent DA Janet DiFiore

Incumbent DA Janet DiFiore

Westchester Democrats must select between incumbent Janet DiFiore and Tony Castro in next Tuesday’s primary election and I would urge all to watch repeats of the News 12 Westchester televised debate to witness the banality and juvenile behavior of two presumably intelligent , well-educated individuals.  They are so concerned with beating each other and chasing their own tails that they avoid getting to the heart of any issue and gloss over anything of substance with pat responses and blatant misstatements.  If DiFiore called Castro a liar once, she must have said it a dozen times; therefore, he was forced to address those statements and this went back and forth for an hour.

There’s an old joke:  How do you know if a politician is lying – their lips are moving.

The debate spectacle is exactly the reason voters are disgusted with politics and politicians.  They spend so much time and money patting themselves on the back with one hand and slapping their opponents with the other, it is amazing they don’t strangle themselves in the process with all of this cross-checking.

Democratic Candidate for DA Tony Castro

Democratic Candidate for DA Tony Castro

Once again, this season, I will be called upon to join my colleagues over at News 12 Westchester for a final debate in the DA race, to question the candidates one last time.  My suggestion to them would be to drop their current media mongers and just speak directly to issues, the pros and cons, of things of importance and stop wasting time with schoolyard antics.  It does not serve anyone and, in fact, it is quite boring!


4 thoughts on “Westchester attorney amazed by the low blow nature of highbrow politics in the County DA race

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  2. Nikki and Smart and Humble, thank you for your comments and for helping to make this post the most popular on this blog (next to the Washington Redskins TM case)…..sports and politics….hmmm? I have my opinions but I’ll wait to the next debate to make them known. Post again if you have any questions you would like asked at the next one and I’ll see what we can do.

  3. So glad to hear you say this. I couldn’t watch the damned thing!
    I do think DiFiore was by far the worst offender.
    This woman has NEVER TRIED A CASE and she was a republican until about 20 minutes ago- now she’s a democrat. What a shallow phony.
    Castro can’t be that bad if the dems supported him the last two times over Pirro. So why are her dem handlers letting her be so obnoxious with the Liar Liar Liar stuff?
    As for Castro I really don’t want to see that bruised face again…enough with that.

  4. Dear Ms. Fantino,

    Your article was right on!! I agree with everything you said wholeheartedly!

    I saw the debate the other day and your questions were great! (I like you!!)

    Interested in seeing the DA Debate.
    If I had to vote today…my vote would go to Dan Schorr…for damn sure!

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