Westchester attorney outraged by teen auction of virginity

Sometimes, especially when the office is very busy, I struggle to find time and a topic to write about.  At other times, the topics just fall into my lap, as when I read this morning about a Romanian teenager who auctioned her virginity over the Internet.  Yes, you heard it right.  18-year-old Alina Percea sold it to the highest bidder and in this case it was a 45-year-old Italian businessman for £8,800 (approx. $14,521) for one night in a Venetian hotel.

Yes, she is an adult and yes prostitution is legal in Germany, where she lives as a student, but at what point does the morality of the entire transaction disgust people to such a degree that they stop and realize that society is truly on a downward spiral.  The young woman is a computer student and the only asset she thinks she can raise money with is her virginity.  My God, what has happened to the women’s movement?  And she is not the first young woman to do this.  There was Natalie Dylan, a California native, who made her claim to fame by scoring bids up to $3.7 million last September.  Fortunately, in that case, the Australian bidder had to back out because his wife wasn’t too keen with the idea.  Hurray for some sanity in this crazy world.

But here’s the kicker with Ms. Percea, Germany is now going to tax her and she may wind up with just a fraction of the money, assuming she hasn’t spent it already like any other 18-year-old.  The Germans are considering the money earned in the line of prostitution and as such it may be subject to a 50% income tax………and, since she earned it as a “quickie,” if you pardon the inference, she may even be subject to a penalty in additional VAT (Value Added Tax), leaving her with only about $5,100 at the end of the day.

Photo courtesy:  Barcroft Media

Photo courtesy: Barcroft Media

I blame this on social networking and cyberspace generally, where everyone is trying to make a fast buck, make “friends”  and who knows what else, without considering the consequences.  As for the Italian guy, he got his 15 minutes of fame and as for the 18-year-old, well, she’s 18, she’s romanticizing this like everything else in a teenager’s life…….she entered into this looking for a husband and now claims she wants to see the Italian stallion again and says he won’t have to pay for it……….meanwhile, she doesn’t understand that she’ll being paying for this for the rest of her life.  It’s so sad.