Westchester entertainment attorney sees smart bands embracing cyberspace

On the heels of my recent post regarding the recording industry chasing its tail, playing catch-up with cyber technology, comes a story this week about one smart band embracing its inner “Twitter.” 30 Seconds to Mars is actually using the Twitter platform to invite fans to contribute to its next album. Sounds and vocals can be submitted by fans, who can uploaded contributions directly to them via Twitter on the “The Digital Summit.”

30 Seconds to Mars

30 Seconds to Mars

The band’s Digital Summit evolved out of a live experiment they did in several countries, recording audience sound clips along the way.  They were smart enough to realize that limited their reach in terms of audience numbers and decided to go virtual.  Enter the Twitterverse, where fans can contribute to the next 30 Seconds to Mars album, scheduled for release later this year.  It’s tentatively titled “This is War.” 

I think it’s an ingenious recognition by a band who’s smart enough to realize technology is light years ahead of the old music model and it’s time to catch the wave or drown in its wake. 


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