Westchester attorney looking for someone to sue for something

I could not believe the headline of this story and still cannot as I write this several hours later – a Bronx graduate is suing Monroe College because she’s unemployed, saying the career office failed to find her a job.  There is so much wrong with this that I don’t know where to start.  I have searched court records in the Bronx and can’t find this lawsuit but I feel confident the NY Daily News did it’s due diligence and has seen the complaint.  Let’s just make that assumption, OK?  Trina Thompson believes, as many of her generation, that she is entitled to a career – that she is entitled to it!  A misplaced sense of entitlement if you ask me.

1.  This has to be a pro se case, meaning that Trina Thompson is representing herself.  What attorney would take this case on?  What is the basis of this lawsuit?  Breach of contract?  I don’t think so.  And there is definitely no tort in NYS that says just because you went to college you are owed a job.

2.  Smells like a frivolous lawsuit to me – now what attorney would risk his or her representation, let alone sanctions from the court, for this?

3.  How did Ms. Thompson arrive at $70,000 in damages?  For a degree from Monroe? Please.  That’s about what my law degree cost me and Monroe’s webpage says full-time undergrad tuition is only about $5,500 per semester.  So, did Ms. Thompson attend for seven years just to get an undergrad degree?   Help Wanted

4.  Now, let’s see, I am an intelligent woman (I have 5 degrees to prove it).  If I buy into Ms. Thompson’s theory, can I file lawsuits against any of the following:

  • Syracuse University – I never got that television network news anchor gig I dreamed of (that should be worth at least $500,000 per year)  Oh sure, I was a radio network news anchor but we only make a fraction of what those TV jockies make.
  • Pace University – I started my own practice and it’s not repping Fortune 500 companies yet.  Based on a $500 billable hour that claim alone could be worth seven figures.
  • And what about that all girls Catholic high school I went to back in the dark ages?  All girls and Catholic – do you know the therapy bills that’s involved?

Hey, Ms. Thompson, get a grip.  You are not entitled to anything.  And if you really want a job, I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond today and they’re hiring………and you don’t need a degree from Monroe, go figure!