Retired Racehorses Turning into Deputy Dog?

Deputy Dog Fights Crime

Deputy Dog Fights Crime but what about Horses?

They shoot horses don’t they? OK, so that was a bad reference to a really bad movie but I couldn’t resist the line before my morning coffee. Yet I loved starting the day, this day, knowing that retired racehorses are fighting crime in downtown Newark (I am glad someone is!).

Deputy Dog it’s a real horse race now!  (Oh, please someone stop me!!!!)

Photo by Mike Derer/Associated Press

Photo by Mike Derer/Associated Press

Instead of sending the poor thoroughbreds off to fates of the worst kind, they take a bit of money and re-train them to help fight crime.

And they’re off……………………….Crossing the finish line, one perp followed by whoooooooooa Nellie. Hope you have a winning day!