Westchester attorney outraged Brazil refuses to return abducted boy to his American dad.

Who should a little 9 year-old-boy live with – his U.S. father who has fought tirelessly to bring him home for five years or the step-father he’s known more than half his life?  A Brazilian court seems to be struggling with that answer but the decision should be obvious.    

Sean Goldman was kidnapped from the U.S. by his own mother when he was just 4-years-old.  She abducted him to her native Brazil where she subsequently divorced his American father, David Goldman, and remarried the Brazilian lawyer who helped her in the custody battle.  Tragically she died in childbirth and Sean has remained in Brazil with his step-father while Goldman has struggled tirelessly to bring his son home.

This week a federal judge in Brazil ordered the boy be turned over to officials at the U.S. consulate today, but that never happened.  Instead, one of Brazil’s eleven Supreme court justices stayed the order and now the nation’s high court must take up the case but who knows when.

Goldman, from New Jersey, is heartbroken – again.  But what about the more than 50 other children who have been abducted to Brazil which is reluctant to observe the Hague Abduction Convention and repatriate these children?  It’s been the source of political tension between the U.S. and Brazil for several years.  True, it is the case of Sean Goldman which is getting attention but it makes you wonder what has happened to the dozens of other little boys and girls who think their Mommy or Daddy left them or forget them.  Let’s pray Sean is home with his Dad soon and let’s also pray for the countless, nameless children whose cases have not made the media.