Is today’s generation too weak to fight swine flu?

I’m no doctor but it gives you pause if the population which has been hit the hardest in the U.S. by this swine flu is teenagers. These are kids which have been babied and pampered and vaccinated in this country to the point of ridiculousness. Their bodies have nothing to fight off a cold germ…..come on! Generally, babies and the elderly are hit the hardest by these flu outbreaks, no matter the strain. Yet, swine is grabbing the teenagers. True, they are the kids who have had some spring break contact with Mexico but their “underprivileged” friends are also getting it when they “vacationed” in Queens, NY.

While genuine disease-fighting vaccines are of great benefit to a society, so much has been done to weaken this generation’s immune system that their bodies probably don’t stand a chance.

How could they when it appears that this strain of virus was cooked up on various vaccine farms where viruses are constantly mutated and tested on poor pigs in an effort to protect society? Nearly every food in this country has been over-processed or shot full of hormones that it sends the immune system into shock. Then there’s the philosophy of let’s give every kid with a sniffle any drug to make it go away so we can send them right back to school and the classroom incubator of germs.

What happened to survival of the fittest? A species survives because it can thrive and sustain itself through environmental changes. What is going to happen to us if we wipe out a generation due to over medication? Let’s stop the fear-mongering and get back to living.

What do you think?  Are we killing our kids?


3 thoughts on “Is today’s generation too weak to fight swine flu?

  1. Great Blog site learning a lot from you
    Thank You

    By the way my kids doctor told me that if not for her Vaccine’s she would have gotten a more worse strain of this flu

    • Harold – society always likes to point to the media when they can’t seem to point to anyone else. Very few people question when a doctor says they or their children need a medication or vaccine. Howver, I think you misunderstood my survival of the fittest analogy. I don’t think the intent of researchers is to kill children but I think their result is that by trying to eliminate certain diseases and bugs, they are creating “super bugs” which are much more virulent and our children become less able to resist them.

      The Infectious Disease Society of America, whose doctors have longed recognized the problem with super bugs, oddly, is urging the FDA to quickly pass even more super antibiotics to now treat the super bugs. It’s researchers pushing a vicious cycle and I truly believe that their zealous efforts are not always warranted and in some cases harmful.

      Take it from a former first grade teacher, kids breed germs, even things you have never heard of…………I contracted ugly stuff my first year at the head of the class and by the time the second year rolled around, I was much stronger and able to resist (without any vaccines or meds).

      And Ben, thanks so much for the compliment. I am sure your kids’ doc really believes what he told you and I hope your kids are healthy now!

  2. I think the swine flu is all an overreaction by the media. As far as your evolutionary argument, it seems kind of strange to argue: hey, let some kids die so we can advance through evolution. Vaccinations are really important. Overmedication isn’t going to wipe out a generation. But you make a point that the foods many Americans choose to eat make us more sick and susceptible. And yes, I think we do overmedicate.

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