Westchester attorney reviews first 100 days of the Obama Administration, sort of. . .

Everyone today is focused on that benchmark, the first hundred days of the Obama administration.  What has he done?  What has he failed to do?  What has the First Lady done?  What has she worn?  Mama mia!

A lot more went on in the world then the Obamas moving into the White House.  So, I thought I’d take a look back, in no particular order, at what else has happened in the last hundred days:

  • British woman Susan Boyle goes viral on Youtube as overnight singing sensation.
Steinbrenner paid too much - AGAIN!

Steinbrenner paid too much - AGAIN!

  • New York Yankees bomb in season opener at the house that George built.

It all happened in the last 100 days – and none of it had anything to do with the Obamas.