Westchester attorney says taking down sex sites won’t cure Craig’s List problems

Sex ads are nothing new but the prevalence of them on Craigs List and MySpace (as wall posts) has just shed light on an age old practice. The case against 23-year-old Philip Markoff, charged with killing a woman he picked up on Craigs List, has focused attention on cyberspace but those with nefarious thoughts have plagued society since the dawn of mankind.

NBC’s Today reports that Markoff, charged with killing Julissa Brisman whom he met on Craigs List, didn’t target just women and was also looking to hook-up with men. Cyberspace has just made those formerly in the closet come out into the light, so to speak. The net gives them easy access to a global pool of potential victims.

I suspect, as stated in an earlier post, that MySpace is looking to move away from the lustier side of its member profiles and return to its entertainment roots but can you fault Craigs List founder, Craig Newmark, for refusing to take down the “erotic services” section of his website? The pervs of the world will just slither back into the seedy bars and back alleys and newspaper personals that they came from if that happens. In a free and enlightened society, it’s up to every adult cyber surfer to be aware, alert and demonstrate some iota of intelligence whenever they meet a stranger. Don’t you agree?