Westchester attorney says get Roxana home now!

American journalist Roxana Saberi sits in an Iranian jail, the focal point of a diplomatic shell game between the United States and Iran. CNN reports the head of Iran’s judiciary has ordered a “careful and speedy appeal process” for Saberi,

Former beauty queen, a spy.  Really?

Former beauty queen, a spy. Really?

who was convicted of spying for the United States.

Saberi’s biggest mistake was allowing her journalist credentials to expire and staying behind to continue reporting. As anyone who’s ever been a journalist knows – that’s called dedication – it’s an adrenalin rush unlike any other – the ability to expose and uncover a nation’s dark secrets to the world. In this country we praise such journalism. In Iran, they jail you.

Both the Committee to Protect Journalists and Asian American Journalists Association have worked tirelessly to bring Roxana’s plight to the forefront of global news desks. Maybe the Obama administration needs to get an army of journalists together.

Now, Ms. Saberi faces eight years behind bars and has 20 days to appeal….or she may still be pardoned in a diplomatic move. She’s a bargaining chip for the Obama administration, no matter how you slice it. However, if you listen to Obama’s comments on her conviction, you don’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling. He looks like he’s still playing “catch up”

Weigh in below – should the U.S. intervene to win release for Saberi?


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