Westchester attorney awakens to American journalist convicted of spying

The first thing I did was check the headlines today and was surprised to see that American journalist, Roxana Saberi, was convicted of spying in Iran. The former Miss Dakota was sentenced to eight years in an Iranian jail, which seems to me a life sentence. That cannot be easy on anyone, let alone a former beauty queen. I imagine that Roxana’s only crime was staying behind to report from Iran long after her journalist permit/visa expired.

American journalist charged with spying in Tehran

American journalist convicted of spying in Tehran

This is among the first big diplomatic challenges for the Obama Administration. While the political bigwigs spoke out against the charges in the past, maybe they should have done more before it got to this point. Now, a young woman, a journalist who reported on the dark side of life in the middle east, has become a sad part of this long drawn out strife.