Westchester attorneys says it’s about sex, lies and baci at the Perugia murder trial of Amanda Knox

When I think of Perugia, Italy, I dream of Baci – hazelnut chocolates with little words of love, and I rarely, if ever, associate murder with Italy’s version of Hershey, Pennsylvania. But for the past three months, a tale of sex, lies and stabbing has been front and center in Perugia, where a 21-year-old American girl, Amanda Knox of Seattle, is on trial with her Italian boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, for allegedly killing her British roommate, Meredith Kercher, two years ago.

Sex, lies and baci

Sex, lies and baci

Italian police say the young couple went crazy in a drug-fueled sex orgy where the victim refused to participate and was thereby sexually assaulted and killed. A third man, Rudy Hermann Guede of the Ivory Coast, has already been convicted of the killing, even though he says he was in the bathroom at the time. He got 30 years at his trial last year.

Knox, who’s been labeled “Foxy Knoxy,” has been branded an evil enchantress – with allegations that she seduced her boyfriend and then masterminded the murder. First of all, he’s Italian, they’re usually the seducers. Second of all, why is she labeled the wild one in this trio? Just because she’s an American student? Hey, this is a college town and the medieval beliefs of devoutly Catholic Italy are now being shattered by the modern-day sex games of students in this northern college town. It doesn’t matter whether they are American or British……….or Italian. One girl is dead and three other lives are virtually over as well.

I’ve watched several network reports over the past two years and I don’t know enough of the details to determine guilt or innocence. What I do think, however, is that Knox is not endearing at all. Now, that doesn’t make her a guilty person but her handlers have not done a good job with her international image. They’ve seemingly bungled that, much the same way the police reportedly mishandled forensic evidence in the case. Hmmmmmmmm, echos of another infamous murder trial in California.

The trial has lasted for nearly three months because, for some reason, this murder trial in Italy is only being held on the weekends. Go figure. At this rate, it’s doubtful there will be any resolution in this matter before October.