Westchester attorney thinks there are 329 million reasons we are fascinated with Davids’ divorce

In the month and a half since I have started this blog, no post has received as much ongoing attention as the original from last week on the divorce trial of Swedish countess Marie Douglas-David and her tycoon hubby, former United Technologies CEO George David. It is playing out in a Hartford courtroom better than this season of Survivor Tocantins.

It has everything that good reality TV should have. There is sex, a mega fortune, more sex, high society; it’s lifestyles of the rich and famous, or social networking on a grand scale. Now we know that Douglas-David insists her post-nuptial agreement is not rich enough. It was reportedly worth $43 million and then $38 million. But hey, what’s five or six million between this loving couple. She used to call him Pumpkin, how sweet.

The Davids in happier times

The Davids in happier times

She messed around with a fencer and as for him, he was having an affair with a Newport socialite and placed a call to his wife when he really meant to call his “goumada,” as we say in Italian. Ooops, men can be so careless!

The loving Davids will take center stage in Connecticut again today. It’s day six in the War of the Roses. Court documents say she spends $650 a week on dry cleaning. Maybe I can take her to Target with me and show her what “wash and wear” looks like. She also spends $30 a week on newspapers and magazines. I just got home delivery of the NY Post for $1.10 a week. The rest of the world does not live like the countess. The Hartford Courant has a funny bit about what we could all do with $53G a week………..I think if the former investment banker realized the rest of the world could get by on $53G a year, it would put it all in perspective.

So, why are we all so fascinated by this much greed? Can anyone tell me?