Westchester attorney says financial scandals pose no end to high-end divorce!

When a Larchmont Mom wants to divorce her trust-fund hubby, it makes news at the yacht club, but when the wife of an ousted corporate head honcho wants to bail, it makes headlines around the world. I am not talking about wives who complain about coming up with a $15,000 retainer for their lawyer. I am talking about wives who can’t live on less than $150,000 a month. Wait – are they serious?

In today’s economic climate there are hundreds of thousands of people who are losing their homes; their jobs; and in some tragic cases – their lives. However, there are the rich and the just obscenely wealthy who are worried about losing their horses and their Manolos (shoes that is for anyone who doesn’t know).

She cant live on $53 grand a week?

She can't live on $53 grand a week?

This week in Hartford, Connecticut, Swedish countess Marie Douglas-David showed up in divorce court to face-off against her husband, one-time United Technologies CEO George David. She gave it a nice touch and wore the earrings he gave her – reportedly priced at $255 thousand dollars.

They were married for six stormy years and they do have a post-nuptial agreement. It says if they divorce she gets $43 million but she says hubby is reportedly worth over $300 million. Yet, the countess (a former investment banker) says she can’t live on $43 million .

Oh please, how many castles does she need? It is an insult to anyone; to all of the working Moms who can’t afford a divorce; to all of the struggling Dads who can’t make support payments. How dare she!!! At $43 million she’s still getting $19,635 for every day she “endured” wedded bliss. Hey, at that rate, I’ll sign up for 50 days and be happy, very, very happy!

I know everything is relative but not today – not when financial investors are trading Versace for pinstripes. Not when there is a valid and binding contract that says you’ve already agreed on a number – now live with it.