Westchester attorney thinks Disney and Mickey Mouse should rule the world!

Watching morning news today (some habits are hard to break), right there on my new HDTV, mixed in with the troubling economic news and the growing number of home foreclosures, was the highlight of my day – Disney eggs. I kid you not.

While the rest of the world is struggling to pay $5.00 a gallon for milk, over $2.00 for a dozen regular eggs, and make mortgage and tax payments that have skyrocketed out of control, Disney’s solution is to put the face of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck on eggs and cheer up America.

“Great tasting, nutritious and fun too.”

And leave it to the EBAY entrepreneurs to jump right on the Disney bandwagon, offering to sell a $.50 coupon for the new eggs at the low starting price of $1.00. The listing did say there were twenty available but it’s not clear if you are bidding $1.00 for one or for all 20…..something so Goofy about the whole thing.

Now we can choose here to drink the Kool-Aid, so to speak, and smile with the rest of the Magic Kingdom, where they pipe in the scent of vanilla on Main Street, or we can pause and shake our head. No matter what, you have to smile and we could all use a lot more of that these days.

Westchester attorney Lisa Fantino and Roy Disney

Westchester attorney Lisa Fantino and Roy Disney

Hey, Disneyworld is my go-to destination for big celebrations and lots of press junkets back in the party-rich days of Michael Eisner. Heck, I even owned stock in that company when it was worth more than Pluto. Then Eisner and Katzenberg had to go and overextend resources. Geesh!

This may be the greatest marketing ploy yet; I can use the Disney eggs to go with the Mickey Mouse Eggo waffles or even use my toaster press with Donald’s face (stop laughing – a good aunt needs these tools in her kitchen!) My brain is too scrambled to make sense of it all right now – I think I’ll go sip a cappucino from my Minnie Mouse mug.


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  1. And what’s wrong with Disney ruling the world? After all, they have the appropriate amount of respect for princesses & queens there.

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