Westchester Attorney says hope springs eternal as we enter daylight savings time!

Springing ahead – we do it every year but this time, I think, it takes on new meaning, even if only figuratively. The malaise which has swept over America has not been eradicated by the new figure-head in Washington. Afterall, President Obama is just one man and as of today, he has only been in office for 45 days.

I sound like my grandparents but who would’ve thought that I would see General Motors turn into a penny stock in my lifetime? That a slice of Sicilian pizza would cost $3.50 in New York? Or that Citibank now charges more for each ATM transaction than its own stock is worth.

We need springtime, now more than ever, just to feel the warmth of brighter days, literally and metaphorically. We need to wash away the gray on Wall Street and see green sprout everywhere. Everyone has seen tough times at some point in their lives. We have all eaten Ramen Pride Noodles and rolled coins to buy milk. Yet, this is different, this is economic strife on a global scale and it has done more to darken our spirits than just the dread of the long days of winter. We need spring……each and everyone of us.

We push our clocks forward tonight. We lose one hour in the process. But maybe, just maybe we will gain a fresh, new perspective on life and feel better, looking with optimism toward the next few months.

Somehow, standing astride the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, England, it made me realize that the world is a very small place indeed. Standing in two hemispheres, simultaneously, with my young cousin, put it all in perspective for me. We are one world and we will get through this together. Hope springs eternal.

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